The Mini Cooper Ride On Provides Good Old Racing Fun!

To sum it up in just one word, the Mini Cooper ride on is just plain cute! Unlike some of its bigger brothers and sisters in the toddler ride on market, the Mini Cooper is just that, it’s a mini! This officially licensed toddler vehicle is a scaled down version of the legendary Mini Cooper that won the hearts of racing fans across the world. Now just so you know, it’s basically designed to hold only one child. So if you have more than one, or your toddlers best friend is over, you may to do a little supervising on the race course!

Just to put your mind at ease when it is time to tool around the backyard, the Mini Cooper ride on only has a max speed of about 2.5mph, which actually is just perfect for those new race car drivers. And after your toddler goes through your expert drivers training class, pull up a chair outside, relax and watch them have some fun. The Mini has both forward and reverse gears so they won’t get stuck when it comes to those tough obstacles like the sandbox or swing set.

What really makes this Mini stand out though is the all the stylish accents. In other words, let’s talk chrome! You have chrome headlights, chrome bumper and even chrome hubcaps. So make sure you also have plenty of polishing rags for the new driver to keep his mini ride on looking as new as the day he or she took their first cruise.

Speaking of taking a cruise, your new Mini Cooper ride on also comes with a fully functional FM radio so the your driver can tap along with his or hers favorite tunes.

And when your neighbors ask just what the heck kind of ride on toy that is, you can be a bit smug and tell them a bit about how the Mini came to be. It was introduced in the Uk in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation and was dubbed the Classic Mini. Wildly popular due to its roominess and gas efficiency, it wasn’t until racing legend John Cooper retooled a Classic Mini in 1961 into a high performance racing machine did the name Mini Cooper become known worldwide and still is to this day. And see, you thought this article was all about a toys!

Now, the only thing you need to realize is that since the Mini Cooper ride on is a bit smaller than most of the conventional battery operated toddler ride on toys, the ideal age is probably around 3. In fact, the manufacturer recommends a maximum weight of 66 lbs. Not a big deal but just be aware when the bigger kids start clamoring to ride it to!

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