BMW Mini Coopers – Cars to Put the Fun Back in Driving

British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its successor produced the MINI from 1959 until 2000. Then a new generation evolved that added state-of-the-art technology, quality, reliability and modern levels of safety to traditional MINI values. The significant feature that influenced the next generation car-makers was its space-saving front-wheel-drive layout. MINI has its distinctive position on the small-car market. It offers world class technology compared to other small cars as well as high levels of agility and style.

The numerous “special editions” of the MINI shifted the car from a mass-market item into a style icon. It was this image that possibly helped the MINI become such an asset for BMW. MINI Coopers come in three types; Hatchback, Convertible and Clubman.

Eco-friendly MINI

Thankfully MINI realized much earlier how important it was to work in harmony with nature. The reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is a top-priority issue at MINI. The MINI One D and the green version – The MINI Cooper D are among the most ecological members of their segment with fuel consumption of just 3.9 l/100 and CO2 emissions of 104 g/km. Also, most of the parts used to build a MINI can be dismantled quickly and recycled economically.

Advantage MINI

Killer Looks

The interior just says: “Get in and drive me!” The tough aircraft-style switches look awesome while the ambient lighting, the colors of which you can change to suit your mode, are surprisingly unbelievable.

Easy Riding and Handling

It’s not just the good looks which brings a smile on your face, the handling is superb especially with the MINI’s wide stance gripping the road resolutely.

Economic Running Costs

MINI brings along with itself good economy. It returns a very respectable average of 48.7 mpg. When you buy this you get a Roadside Assistance Package for three years with unlimited mileage warranty for the same duration. With its desirability and waiting lists, you can fetch a good amount too when you sell it.

Extra Safety

You feel safe and stable at legal and legal plus highway speeds. It has a range of modern day safety features that include curtain-type airbags, which protect the head and shoulder in a side-impact crash. The braking system is also excellent. Along with a full skid control system, BMW has provided a “cornering brake control” that varies brake pressure among the wheels to help prevent spinouts when braking heavily in a turn.

Add on

All MINIs have electric mirrors and windows, alloy wheels, a CD player and six airbags. If you buy the MINI Cooper S you get additional sports features, including sports suspension and design features. You would also benefit from the satellite navigation system and ambient light pack.


Your MINI can fit into any parking space and get through any tight gap. It may look like a grocery getter but it drives like a sports car and has been one of the top runners in 70s sports car racing.


The MINI Cooper D was nominated for Car of the Year Awards, in 2008.

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